Marlene Willoughby

    • Aliases: Marlena Willoughby, Marlene Parker, Marlene Willoby, Marlene Willouby, Marlene Willoughy, Mary Hadda, Rena Vane
    • Nationality: Polish, Italian, American
    • Province / State: MI
    • City: Detroit
    • Age: 68
    • Height: 178
    • Rating: 4.29
    • Views: 33 138
Porn Star Marlene Willoughby had earthy sex appeal and note-worthy acting ability that garnered her roles in over 50 sex films between 1974 and 1993. Marlene Willoughby was a thin and rangy brunette who usually wore her hair short. Marlene Willoughby had a lithe little body with small but quite nice breasts and a tight butt that was the envy of most of her peers. Marlene Willoughby had the vaguely exotic look of a French student on holiday, a certain European sex appeal about her that always added to her performances. Marlene Willoughby was a true sexual chameleon, able to change her look dramatically from one role to the next. Because of this ability, Marlene Willoughby was able to land steady work as a supporting player in the more up-scale adult films of the 70's. Marlene Willoughby could look like a salacious older woman or a wild young sexpot with equal believability. But it was her sexual skills that kept the work coming. Marlene Willoughby was a bold sexual conqueror who never saw a man or woman she couldn't seduce. Her wide-eyed, full-mouthed face was always on the verge of a sexy sneer that told you just how horny she was. Marlene Willoughby never quite attained the heigts of porn stardom that some of her contemporaries did, but Marlene Willoughby staked out a place for herself as a starlet who could be counted on for a solid performance and some scorching sex whenever she appeared on screen.
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